Welcome to Pinnacle Pilates

You will experience a customized approach. Whether you are looking to get in shape, learn how to exercise with an injury or want to stay in shape; Pinnacle Pilates in Franklin can help. It’s not just Pilates, it’s an education. You will learn tips on how to avoid back injuries, stretch properly, find and maintain correct form, have fun exercising and more. Decide what type of class that you are interested in from the following options.

What class is right for you?

Take a private class if you:

  • Prefer one on one
  • Love personal customization
  • Want to reach specific goals
  • Need flexibility in your schedule
  • Enjoy working out at your own pace

Take a duet or trio class is you:

  • Enjoy working out with others
  • Like a semi customized approach
  • Are able to schedule one month out and commit to class
  • Have a consistent schedule
  • Prefer a group environment

Take an online virtual class if you:

  • Prefer to workout at home
  • Don’t have time to commute
  • Can set up device/computer for proper viewing
  • Need to social distance
  • Don’t live near the studio

STEP ONE: Call the studio. You can also email questions that you have right here.

STEP TWO: Once scheduled for a class in studio, print and fill out the client form. Email or bring it with you on your first session.

STEP THREE: Prepay for your session on Classes & Fees page, grab your socks and enjoy your first Pilates session.

See how Pinnacle Pilates has made an impact on other clients

I worked with Dawn for years and she is fantastic. I knew by our
very first session that Pinnacle Pilates was exactly what I was looking
for. Shortly after starting our sessions, I began noticing improvement
in my muscle definition, and soon after that, my balance and flexibility
improved as well. Dawn has a way of gently coaxing things out of you
that you would never believe you were capable of doing. She carefully
monitors your progress and learns your strengths and weaknesses, so she
knows just what your capabilities are. She has also helped me through
injuries with incredible insight and expertise. She has always been
very pleasant and accommodating and she’s a true professional. I would
highly recommend her as an instructor.


Dawn is very knowledgeable, careful and flexible teacher directly helping me to become physically stronger and self reliant. Most importantly working with Dawn has led to a better quality of life for which my family especially has benefited!
I highly recommend Dawn. She is top knotch in every way!


A friend told me to go see Dawn at Pinnacle Pilates after an injury. I have learned and gained so much from Dawn. A life threatening injury left me in a situation wondering how I would ever exercise again.   My injury happened during exercise and it could again. Dawn researched my situation to understand what I went through and started me slowly at my comfort level. I am grateful for Pinnacle Pilates as Dawn has me doing more than I ever could have imagined. I love Pilates and what it has done for my mind and body. I have worked through severe muscle imbalances due to the injury and have increased overall tone and strength. I understand my body and how to engage and stabilize before I lift items. I understand what my limits are and what I can and should not do to keep me injury free. My husband has seen enormous positive changes in me and says Pilates will always be a part of my life.


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