Dawn is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. Dawn had a very successful Pilate’s studio in Michigan for 6 years before moving to Franklin, TN in 2014. She also is a TRX Suspension Trainer Graduate. She holds both Business Marketing and Dietetic Technician degrees. Dawn worked in clinical nutrition and in medical and nutritional sales for 15 years before staying home to raise her twins. Dawn discovered Pilates after her rehab for a herniated disc when her twins were almost two. The break from the corporate world and need for a permanent change in her exercise routine helped her realize that Pilates, nutrition, and business were even a better fit. She then focused on studying Pilates and has now created her own home studio, Pinnacle Pilates.

Dawn loves motivating others to exercise and eat healthy. She enjoys giving a detail-oriented workout and loves working with all ages and ability levels. Dawn has been athletic all of her life and has participated in many sports and forms of exercise including: volleyball, hiking, softball, basketball, track, racquetball, aerobics, yoga, and weight lifting. Dawn strives to help her clients increase their awareness and understanding of their bodies and Pilates exercise, which then allows them to complete a safe, yet challenging workout. She provides a lot of variety to your workouts, keeping you wondering what’s next.

Throughout the years teaching, Dawn has gained experience and knowledge with a variety of different physical levels, injuries, and client goals. These range from those not exercising currently, to athletes, and adults training for a competition to those returning from an injury, surgery or physical therapy.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Athletes 12 and older
  • Back rehab
  • Prenatal and postnatal
  • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis
  • Hip injury or replacement
  • Knee injury or replacement
  • Scoliosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Older population
  • Shoulder issues including frozen shoulder
  • SI joint
  • Neck
  • General fitness


I came to Pinnacle Pilates several months after having my fourth child. With four kids six and under life is pretty crazy at home but when I come to Pinnacle it’s my time to take care of myself. I leave relaxed, feeling longer, leaner and walking taller. The best part is that the sense of well-being I leave with sticks with me and I take better care of myself between sessions. I find myself standing taller throughout the week and using better posture in my daily activities and am feeling better with the way my post-pregnancy body moves throughout each day and in return, with the way that I’m able to care for my kids.


Since doing a combination of the STOTT PILATES® mat and reformer training I have been able to lose my pregnancy weight. I have been able to strengthen my abdominals and back muscles while increasing flexibility. I highly recommend the Pilates exercises because they focus on the quality of movement and not the quantity. As a busy mother of two I have also found it to be a wonderful program to reduce the stress and tension in my body.


I had no experience with Pilates other than a couple classes I had taken at a gym prior to meeting with Dawn. The big difference in working with Dawn was the personalized attention she gave me in showing me the correct posture and movements of Pilates that would help maximize my workout benefits and give me a good understanding of the Pilates fundamentals. I can already see a difference in my core which has always been weak, and Dawn has made it possible for me to be successful!


After having had two children and not taking much time for myself, Pilates has given me a renewed strength of my body and self. I love what it is doing for my core...I am beginning to feel whole again.


I’ve been driving from Novi to train with Dawn for almost two years and I will never give it up! Before experiencing Pinnacle Pilates, I never stuck with an exercise program for longer than three months. I would lose interest and move on to something else or simply quit exercising altogether. Pilates is different. It has simply become a part of my life. I believe the key to my positive and life-changing experience with Pilates is my excellent trainer. Dawn is not only highly qualified and passionate about Pilates, but she is also a kind and compassionate person who really listens to her clients. She starts every session asking how my body feels and if I’ve had any problems this week. Dawn makes adjustments on the spot and is always prepared with new exercises to keep my workouts challenging and interesting.


Love my pilates! My favorite part of my week is going to Pilates twice a week. There's always variety, it challenges me, and I know longer have back pain. The instructor always watches and corrects my form to make sure I get the most from the exercises. I now can say I have strong ab's.


What I especially like about Pinnacle Pilates is my instructor's attention to my specific needs. As a 66 year old with degenerative arthritis and a hip that keeps going out of place, I was concerned about being able to exercise safely and without pain. My instructor designed a program that provided safe and effective exercises for my overall body health and strengthening exercises for my hips and back. My instructor is right beside me to help me count, makes sure that I don't do the repetitions too fast or too slow, and watches that I'm doing them correctly. My instructor's friendliness, extensive knowledge of the Pilates program, and the professionalism with which she carries it out makes me want to continue coming back to Pinnacle Pilates. The studio is clean and inviting and contains the equipment and props needed for a great workout. I highly recommend Pinnacle Pilates if you want individual attention for your specific needs.


I came to Dawn's Pinnacle Pilates studio after years of not being physically active due to fibromyalgia, knee, back and arthritis pain. Never having done any kind of Pilates work, Dawn was patient and extremely cautious with me as I slowly gained a good deal of the strength I had lost in my core and legs. I always look forward to our meetings as I regain my balance and confidence. I highly recommend the gentle Pilates approach for people like me - and the stretching is priceless! Dawn is a gracious, encouraging and committed instructor and she truly cares about her clients. Thank you, Dawn!

Maureen k

The Pilates workouts, designed specifically for me by Dawn, have eliminated my neck problems. I no longer require chiropractic care or massage therapy as my neck pain is nonexistent. My husband has commented that I have improved posture, and I have noticed more flexibility and far greater muscle tone. At 42, I believe I look better than I did in my 20s and 30s.


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