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Ok, you have heard Pilates may help you. Whether you just finished Physical Therapy, your doctor said to do Pilates or a friend recommended you try Pilates you thought you’d look into it. As you will see from the History of Pilates page, when Joseph Pilates first developed Pilates he interned in the British forces to rehab soldiers from injuries and diseases. It was noted that the inmates survived the great pandemic of 1918 due to their good physical shape.
A Pilates instructor will provide great attention to your form and give you detailed cueing during your exercises which will assist you to gain strength in the weaker or injured muscles and joints. Pilates is a non-impact way to exercise that is gentle on the joints, so there is little worry of over stressing an already stressed body.
Joseph Pilates created 'The Pilates Principles' to condition the entire body: proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Testimonials from clients:

"What I especially like about Pinnacle Pilates is my instructor's attention to my specific needs. As a 66 year old with degenerative arthritis and a hip that keeps going out of place, I was concerned about being able to exercise safely and without pain. My instructor designed a program that provided safe and effective exercises for my overall body health and strengthening exercises for my hips and back. My instructor is right beside me to help me count, makes sure that I don't do the repetitions too fast or too slow, and watches that I'm doing them correctly. My instructor's friendliness, extensive knowledge of the Pilates program, and the professionalism with which she carries it out makes me want to continue coming back to Pinnacle Pilates. The studio is clean and inviting and contains the equipment and props needed for a great workout. I highly recommend Pinnacle Pilates if you want individual attention for your specific needs." Cathy
"I came to Dawn's Pinnacle Pilates studio after years of not being physically active due to fibromyalgia, knee, back and arthritis pain. Never having done any kind of Pilates work, Dawn was patient and extremely cautious with me as I slowly gained a good deal of the strength I had lost in my core and legs. I always look forward to our meetings as I regain my balance and confidence. I highly recommend the gentle Pilates approach for people like me - and the stretching is priceless! Dawn is a gracious, encouraging and committed instructor and she truly cares about her clients. Thank you, Dawn!" - Maureen K
"The Pilates workouts, designed specifically for me by Dawn, have eliminated my neck problems. I no longer require chiropractic care or massage therapy as my neck pain is nonexistent. My husband has commented that I have improved posture, and I have noticed more flexibility and far greater muscle tone. At 42, I believe I look better than I did in my 20s and 30s."